Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Intercessory Missionary

An intercessory missionary’s primary focus is changing the spiritual atmosphere over cities through “intercessory worship” (Ps. 149). This ministry provides one of the Scriptural requirements for God to release the fullness of revival.God will not move in fullness apart from Night and Day prayer(including regular times of fasting). The Scripture makes this abundantly clear and history proves this without doubt. Also, Scripture declares that God will orchestrate a mighty “intercessory worship” movement covering the earth in the generation the Lord returns.

What is a Harp&Bowl Worship?

Harp and bowl worship is a unique experience of worship derived from Revelation 5:8. The harp represents music and the bowl prayer. Prayer is sung or spoken along with music and is used to sustain long periods of worship such as 24 hour prayer. This is used in Mike Bickle's 24 hour International prayer center in Kansas City (IHOP KC)who have used this method of worship to sustain 24/7 prayer since September 1999.

A common feature of harp and bowl is antiphonal singers, who use the Bible as a song book, singing and declaring the Word of God along with instruments that accompany the singers. In Harp and Bowl, the major focus is not the singers or the musicians, but the One being worshiped in such a setting.

24 Hour Harp & Bowl Worship Model

The basic 24 hour harp and bowl worship model uses four different prayer formats:
  • Intercessory Prayer:
    Intercession is intimacy, partnership and agreement with God. Intercessory prayer is an exchange of romance where God speaks to us and it moves our hearts. When we speak back to God, His heart is moved. God desires to establish or deepen this romantic relationship with us. He desires intimacy with us. The power to engage in night and day prayer is found in having a heart that enjoys God. Encountering God’s beauty and desire for us is where we most enjoy our primary reward, which is God Himself.
  • Prophetic Worship:
    Prophetic worship is designed to facilitate united group participation in worship so that we might receive the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Our goal is to reach the highest experience of corporate worship, including ministry times for healing and deliverance.
  • Worship with the Word: 
    Worship with the Word involves agreeing with God's heart as we sing biblical truths of who God is and what He promises to do. This helps us to gain deeper revelation, knowledge and understanding about a specific Biblical passage or theme of Scripture. The worship team focuses on one specific passage or theme by singing through key verses from that passage or about that theme. This causes the Word to come alive to us.
  • Devotional Worship Prayer:
    Devotional worship provides an anointed atmosphere for meditation on scripture and for lingering in the presence of God. During this format, the worship songs and music style are devotional in focus so that we may
    “sit at the feet of Jesus” as Mary of Bethany did.
Taken from the Wikipedia article Harp & Bowl licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License and the Prayer Room Resource Manual at IHOP-KC Mission Base www.IHOP.org

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